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The Nitrox Specialty course certifies you to dive on Enriched Air Nitrox, which is a blend of gas that has more oxygen and less nitrogen.

This means your body will absorb less nitrogen during your dive allowing you to have longer dives, shorter surface intervals and longer repetitive dives.

Nitrox is very popular around the world, especially on liveaboard trips, so this is a great skill to have!

Pre- requisites :
  • Open Water Certification

There are two options for the Nirox Specialty, theory only or theory with dives. Both will fully certify you, but most people choose to do the dives so they can gain some experience.

Theory Only : 1 day of academic presentation in one of our classrooms.
Theory and Dives : a total of 2 Days (1 day of academic presentation in one of our classrooms + 1 day made up of 2 dives on Enriched Air Nitrox)

Cost : Theory only: 2,500,000 IDR
Theory and Dives : 3,000,000 IDR

This price is all inclusive and includes all instructor fees and your equipment

Required Deposit: 1,250,000 IDR

You can contact us through our email
or whatsapp +62 821 4782 3998


DEPOSIT is required to confirm your booking.

We will need full payment before the day of the diving activities.