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Become a valuable 1st Aid trained diver and unlock the route to professional certification.

At Roctopus we teach the React Right first aid course which is a prerequisite to the rescue course.

This certification is valid for 2 years.

All dive-pros need to have First Aid and O2 provider and be able to administer oxygen to stay current.

Our First Aid course teaches an emergency response system to help first aid providers take control of diving and non-diving related emergency situations and provide care until emergency medical personnel can take over.

What’s involved? Our basic first aid course is 1 day of academics and practical workshops.


  • Must be 15 years or older
  • Duration: 2 day

*If you have a current First Aid Certificate from any other first aid agency, and want to be a dive professional then additionally you will only need the Oxygen Specialty course

Price: 3,800,000 IDR

Required Deposit: 1,250,000 IDR


Learn how to deal with stress, develop rescue skills and apply 1st Aid to a diving scenario and become a valuable dive team member.

Here is one of our most serious but fun courses here at Roctopus.

This course will help you understand the skills and knowledge required to recognise and deal with stress, to prevent diving accidents and how to deal with dive related emergencies, should they arise.

This course includes 1 academic session, 1 confined session and 4 Open Water dives.


  • Advanced Diver Certification and React Right First Aid
  • Duration: 3 days (1 Academic session, 1 confined session, 4 Open water dives)

PRICE : 5.200.000 IDR

This price is all inclusive and includes all instructor fees and your equipment
Required Deposit: 1,250,000 IDR